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From: ysgdhio <>
Date: Wed Jan 9 23:29:09 2002

Jeff Hellige writes:
> 'JamCam 3.0' by KD Gear Interactive for $49.00

Not to burst your bubble, but has them for $37 (and less):
I got mine for $20 at a thrift shop.

I think you'll find the quality of the pictures it takes is just "okay",
and then only for well-lit outdoors shots. It's not that great for indoor
stuff or close-up work. It also burns through batteries fairly quickly.
Apparently every time you turn the camera on, it charges the flash.
There is a setting to turn the flash off, but turning the camera off
will cause it to forget that setting.

However, on the bright side... if you run Linux, you can use gPhoto 2.0
to download the pictures from it.
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