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Date: Fri Jan 11 02:10:05 2002

The 3Station was an early IBM compatible diskless workstation.
They used a 12Mhz 80286 IIRC. The network boot protocol was
proprietary to 3COM, but once you were linked to a disk image
on a Server running 3+Share (and 3+Start) you could use any
protocol that had drivers for the NIC on the 3Station.

There were two version of the 3Station; the main differences
being Video and maximum memory size. It seems like there were
ROM's available that allowed you to use it on a Novell network,
but I don't remember the details.

I don't think using it as an X-Station is a good idea-- I
strongly suspect you'll need a bit more muscle to do X.
Besides, if it's the earlier model 3c1100 (very likely)
it can only do EGA, MDA or (yeek) CGA.

I still have a copy of 3+Share (and 3+Start) around here
someplace . . .

That remark about the 3Server needing constant attention
was right on the mark. I lost quite a few nights sleep
maintaining one of these beasties (my first SYSADMIN job).
I could almost run the diags in my sleep after awhile.
The backup system almost never worked.


On Thu, 10 Jan 2002 18:06:55 -0600 Jon Auringer <auringer_at_tds.net>
> Hey Pat,
> Pat Finnegan wrote:
> > I just picked up a 3com 3station for a few $$ at university
> salvage today.
> > It seems to be a rather neat little system. Inside it has a
> header (J9)
> > that appears to be a floppy disk connector (34pin header). Does
> anyone
> > know anymore about these things or have software for it (it'd be
> nice to
> > use it as an Xterminal, but who knows if that'll ever work...)
> I don't have direct information on the 3station, but I do have a
> 3server. The 3server is based on a 80186 processor. Luckily it was
> pulled from service here before I took over. I recall that is was in
> need of almost constant attention. I will see if the documentation I
> have includes the 3station or any other pertinent information. Time
> permitting, of course. :)
> Later,
> Jon
> Jon Auringer
> auringer_at_tds.net

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