Ugly Computers (Was: RE: Appropritate comic strip....)

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sat Jan 12 06:58:05 2002

The design isn't all that bad but that translucent plastic is ignorant in my
opinion - like the see through phones - who wants to see the guts of
machines and electronics, especially if there's nothing moving to be able to
see? When I was able to pick up a Handspring PDA I passed on the translucent
colors and went with the "graphite" that I feel is much more suitable.

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On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Jeff Hellige wrote:

> As for the new iMac, I think that, like the original iMac, it's meant
> to demystify computers for those that have no interest in them for the
> most part and who don't want a plain beige box taking up space. Like
> it or not, it's hard to ignore and it does make a statement.

While there is probably an element of "demystifying" the computer for
average schlubs, I think the design is more of Jobs' influence at play.

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