Ugly Computers (Was: RE: Appropritate comic strip....)

From: John Allain <>
Date: Sat Jan 12 09:33:19 2002

> The design isn't all that bad but that translucent plastic is ignorant
> in my opinion - like the see through phones - who wants to see the
> guts of machines and electronics,

Well, if classiccmpers aren't going for it, who will? It may be
a reverse thing, that people who Can't Possibly open a machine
themselves need to pay extra to be able to see it.

On the translucent thing, theres an artist that is selling
a mass of wires in a blob of epoxy as a 'cellphone' for
$3500. Seemed like a neat idea until it was revealed
that the electronics were nothing but a digital clock.

John A.
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