Mac IIci

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sun Jan 13 23:28:04 2002

> The only thing that can be tough about the IIci is that is uses 30pin non
> parity simms, which are starting to be harder and harder to find
> inexpensively. The IIci *might* be able to work with parity simms, not
> sure (early macs could NOT, but some of the later ones IIRC could use
> parity or non parity)

It should be happy with parity. Note that some unlucky people have ended
up with a less common variant of the IIci that *requires* parity RAM. To
check if you have one of these units, look for the 'parity' label on the
motherboard and see if there is a chip there. If it is, hope you have
parity RAM on hand, because that unit will not work without it. Fortunately,
the vast preponderance of IIcis don't care what type of RAM they get.

> As far as what to offer... as little as you can get away with. The
> machine is decent, but at this point, low end PPCs are winding up in
> dumpsters. So unless you WANT the IIci compared to you just want A
> useable mac... I wouldn't pay much more than about $10.

The IIci does have several things going for it over most other classic Macs:
it has three NuBus slots, plus a PDS slot; it takes a lot more RAM; it can
comfortably hold a half-height SCSI without overheating; and it has an FPU
on-board. It is also compact and easy to find parts for. The IIcis I own
have been worth their weight in gold.

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