Mac IIci

From: Chris <>
Date: Sun Jan 13 22:53:31 2002

>Can I use my 9 pin parity simms from my old 386? The parity bits are
>just ignored right? If so, then I can drop 32megs into it.

I just scanned apple's TIL, and it looks as though Parity chips are ok on
the IIci. I base this off an article discussing the fact that it needs
FPM memory 80ns or faster (the article indicates that pretty much all 30
pin chips 80ns or faster will be FPM). It lists a few part numbers for
ram upgrades offered by apple... two of them are Parity chip packages. So
if apple is telling you that those are available as upgrades for the
IIci, I have to assume parity memory will be just fine.

And the IIci will handle a max of 128mb (8 - 16mb chips). You must
install RAM in groups of 4 however (and I am fairly sure all ram in a
grouped bank must be the same type, so either all parity, or all non


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