Mac IIci

From: Huw Davies <>
Date: Sun Jan 13 23:00:03 2002

At 04:04 PM 13/01/2002 -0500, Chad Fernandez wrote:

>Pat Finnegan wrote:
> > I got mine for free from a dumpster, but if it works, about $10-$20 would
> > be a reasonable price, depending on how much you want to spend, and the
> > size of its hdd, memory, any extra cards in it, etc. I still have some 1M
> > 30pin MAC-blessed SIMMs laying around here, email me off-list if you want
> > any.
>Can I use my 9 pin parity simms from my old 386? The parity bits are
>just ignored right? If so, then I can drop 32megs into it.

Does anyone know what the maximum memory you can put in a IIcx (I suspect that
the answer is the same as a IIci). I've got a IIcx that I paid far too much for
when it was new (say $10K) and it's only got 8Mb. If I could upgrade to
more memory
it might be worthwhile turning it on again and running A/UX (this
corresponded to
about $3K of the cost with another $2.5K being the 300Mb SCSI disk drive).

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