Mac IIci

From: Chris <>
Date: Sun Jan 13 23:42:47 2002

>It should be happy with parity. Note that some unlucky people have ended
>up with a less common variant of the IIci that *requires* parity RAM. To
>check if you have one of these units, look for the 'parity' label on the
>motherboard and see if there is a chip there. If it is, hope you have
>parity RAM on hand, because that unit will not work without it. Fortunately,
>the vast preponderance of IIcis don't care what type of RAM they get.

There is a similar build of the IIfx... I saw a tech note on it while
perusing the TIL earlier... it seemed to imply that it was done for some
government spec reason, and was only issued to government sales... but
that was just implied, not actually stated, so who knows if they were
released to the public as well (or if some of those government ones made
it into the private sector)


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