Ugly Computers (Was: RE: Appropritate comic strip....)

From: Chris <>
Date: Sun Jan 13 23:37:07 2002

>It's a pity that Apple didn't decide to have wireless keyboard and mouse
>for the new iMAC.

That was my personal only complaint with the new iMac. If they had a
wireless keyboard with built in track pad... I would have considered it
perfect. (Despite that ommision, I still want one)

But I figured I was just being too picky... but while sitting at my
parents house this evening, I was talking about the new iMac, and my
Mother of all people piped up and said they should have given it a
wireless keyboard. Her only look at it was the Time magazine article, her
complaint was, it was perfect for the end table, except for the "tangle
of wires" needed for the keyboard and mouse.

So if my mother could see this as a problem, why couldn't Jobs?


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