68010 (was Re: Mac IIci)

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Mon Jan 14 15:09:47 2002

I do believe the main reason for the 68010's appearance in what was previously
a number of 68000 applications was that it could support virtual memory, while
that was awkward on a 68K.

The early AT&T 7300's (?) which a number of my friends bought, but I didn't
(don't ask me why), used the 68010 even though they had rather limited HDD
resources. It would have worked better with two drives, methinks.


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> > I suppose the 68000 and 68020 were bigger sellers than the 68010, but
> > they were a favorite "upgrade" for the Amiga 1000 owner who wanted
> > to squeeze another 3% out of their box ("loop mode" one-instruction
> > cache accounted for most of that). They appeared in early UNIX
> > workstations (NCR Tower, perhaps?) because they could reasonably
> Also Torch XXX, some Suns, some HP9000 series, etc... They're not that
> rare in my experience...
> -tony
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