[OT] 5" and 6" CRTs needed...

From: Gene Buckle <geneb_at_deltasoft.com>
Date: Mon Jan 14 18:12:40 2002

> > I'm in dire need of a couple VGA 5" and 6" displays. Mono is
> > acceptable. I'd like to find them used (but not badly burned) since
> > the cost for them new is pretty high. If you've got some or have a
> > source, please let me know off list. (I doubt this would interest
> > anyone else)
> Actually, this thread is more on topic then not.
> IBM made several models of color VGA monitors for the PS/2 line that fit
> your description. If you find one of these, it would likely need repairs
> to get it back into top shape, due to its age. The only other small VGA
> monitors I've seen that were this size have been open frame. Typically
> these can be found for around $20-50 new from surplus dealers.

Toth, my problem is *finding* them. The only displays I can find in the
size I need are either TTL Mono or CGA. Those do sell in the $20 to $50
range, but don't offer the resolution I have to have (640x480).

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