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From: blstuart_at_bellsouth.net <(blstuart_at_bellsouth.net)>
Date: Mon Jan 14 19:53:24 2002

In message <15427.35042.744074.343848_at_phaduka.neurotica.com>, Dave McGuire writ
>On January 14, blstuart_at_bellsouth.net wrote:
>> There was a 2nd drive mod whose design was circulated and there
>> was also a mod that allowed for bigger drives by supporting a larger
>> number of cylinders.
> Ahh, yes! I remember that now. Didn't it involve replacing the
>WD1010 with a WD2010 to get the higher cylinder number support, or
>something along those lines?

Yes, as I remember, it was required for one or both of the mods.
I still keep my eyes open for cards with 2010s when I'm at

Brian L. Stuart
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