DECvoice boards for trade

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Mon Jan 14 19:49:18 2002


Since I have no access to a T1 telephone line, and hence am unable to
use the DECvoice board set in my VAX 4000, consisting of one each of
M3135-01, M3135-02 and M3136 boards, I was wondering if anyone's
interested in a trade. The bulkhead panel, and cabling to these
boards that came with my VAX, will be included. The DECvoice software
appears to reside on my system we well. It appears that resellers are
asking quite a bit (over US$1,000) for one of these boards.

If anyone's interested in making an offer for the set, or individual
boards, of cash or trade, then I'm willing to consider offers for
trade. Some of the things I'm interested in and may consider towards
a trade:

- additional memory
- large DSSI disks with sleds and front panels
- SCSI board
- a tape drive and mounting sled/brackets, etc. (preferably DLT)
- hub with both BNC and and 10-Base-T connectors

Other suggestions are welcome. :-)

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