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From: pb_at_Colorado.EDU <(pb_at_Colorado.EDU)>
Date: Mon Jan 14 22:32:40 2002

>> > 8 - 4MB 72pin SIMMs, 80ns or better, 1M x 32 or 1M x 36 (as
>>> long as they all match). These are for my slab to replace the SIMMs
>>> I pulled for use in the Dimension board.
>>Hey, I have 8 pc of 8mb 70ns all matched pulled from ps/2 along w/
>>bits. Might have forgotten because that was long time.
> Thanks but I can't use the 8MB SIMMs. The non-turbo color
>slab has a max of 32MB, which is what mine is. The turbo's have a
>max of 128MB.
> Jeff

Actually, you *can* use the 8MB SIMMs: put them in the Dimension board.
I know that NeXT said it maxes out at 32 MB, but it actually will use 8
MB SIMMs very happily, as long as they are not EDO, and you can then
put the SIMMs you "stole" from your slab back in the slab, and you'll
be ready to go. (I say this from experience: I have 2 Dimension boards,
and they both have 64 MB of RAM, with 8 8MB SIMMs each.)

Good luck.

PB Schechter
Received on Mon Jan 14 2002 - 22:32:40 GMT

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