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From: R. P. Bell <>
Date: Mon Jan 14 23:02:50 2002

Some wrote:

>> IIRC, the general rule of thumb is:
>> 8086 -- 68000
>> 80286 -- 68020
>> 80386 -- 68030
>> 80486 -- 68040
>Yes, and the 80186 -- 68010.
>Both existed but were not popular in many systems. Both
>equally quite rare in that regard.
>Anyway, I added them for completeness.

I've heard the following, to add to that list:

Pentium/Pentium II -- PowerPC
Pentium III -- PowerPC G3
Pentium IV -- PowerPC G4


I'd bet a buck there's a LOT of disagreement on the list. Unfortunately,
there's just no adequate way to compare the full range of recent and current
mprocessors by looking for strict equivalencies. It would be interesting to
see a chart covering the relative relationships of processors in PeeCees,
Macs, and Minis (including Sun, SGI, RS/6000, etc.).

I had to chuckle at the poor dood who was lamenting his $10K investment in a
IIcx; most of us cry to think about what we paid for our old Morrow or
original IBM PC. What about those poor cats who paid huge $$ for Lisa or
other similar, short-lived concept/production models?

R. P. Bell
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