More HP1000's, and bootstrapping old systems in general.

From: Bill McDermith <>
Date: Wed Jan 16 15:39:01 2002

>From the hp users group, interex, you can get the RTE-6 OS, but only
in fst format, which is some sort of tape dump/backup format that I
cannot (yet) decode, so I'm not sure how to build a loadable system...
The manuals are also available... If anyone knows how to decode
this to build bootable media, please let me know.
I believe this is under a sort of hobbist license (i.e. noncommercial

I would assume that all RTE systems post RTE-IV needed a 21MX
style computer (1000 series...) with the memory management option
installed (on later computers it may not have been an 'option'...)
Please correct me if I'm wrong...

Bill McDermith

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> The 9885 is listed in HP documentation as the 12732A flexible disk system,
> a capacity of 500 K bytes per drive, 4 drives maximum.
> It is supported under RTE-II, RTE-III, RTE-IV, RTE-IVB, and RTE-M.
> It is not supported under RTE-L or RTE-XL.

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