trying to identify this 68K-based board...

From: Eric Chomko <>
Date: Wed Jan 16 14:21:36 2002

It is an ISA-16 card. It has a 68000, w/2 27128 EEPROMs, 16 1259-15 RAM chips
and Intel
chips, 82586 and 8253-5. The rest looks to be TTL, a couple of connectors and
couple of
crystals, 16 and 20 MHz.

It was made by Bridge Communications, USA, in 1987. And it has a D-shell 15
pin (like a
Mac video -2 rows of pins) female connector on the back.

Just did a Google search on 'Bridge Communications." Had several hits that had
nothing to do with computers and electronics, more at the health industry.
Andway, any
info about this card appreciated.

I guess I could through in into an old AT system and see what it does. There
are a few jumpers
marked 'int' and 'address' that might be worth finding out about before
running a "smoke" test.

My guess is that it is some sort of CPU board, but what?

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