2 IBM PS/2s, DC/MD area

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Date: Wed Jan 16 18:16:45 2002

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> On Wed, 16 Jan 2002, bill pointon wrote:
> > there is also the 30 with the 80186 - also isa -- billp
Sridhar scribbled:

> I know. He had made the observation that all Models 40 and below were
> ISA, and I was pointing out the oddball exception. The PS/2 L40SX is
> Microchannel.


This L40SX is ISA, no way to have ATA notebook HD mixed in if that
thing is MCA. Resources on 'net is certain of that that I know is

Got L40SX? Look at HD, it is stock ATA 2.5" HD.

I was that close in summer of '93 because I didn't know if that L40SX
did have standard ATA 2.5" hd but also didn't know it does use
somewhat standard 72pin simms. Sigh... ended up w/ LTE 386s/20, it
served me ok for first 3 years then battery died, and other things
started to wear out and break up. Typical of compaq's.

Years later, on 'net I found out what L40SX's stuff were.


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