Fwd: 2 IBM PS/2s, DC/MD area

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Date: Wed Jan 16 18:27:32 2002

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> You'll know the 30 from the 30-286 when you see the bottom (where the 55SX
> and 30-286 have their ID tags) is dark brown, the case is plastic (on the
> 30) and there are 4 screws on the 30 as opposed to the 30-286 and 55SX with
> 2 on a steel lid/case.

30 and 30-286 same case but made for ISA but all 25, 30 and 30-286,
rare 386 based are same planar layout and mountings. 55SX bit
different design due to MCA riser and rear plates but similar in

As I write this at pcstuff where I work part-time, in fact there's a
55SX w/ reply upgrade board, I think this one is turboboard in it
(486 SLC). Stuffed between card riser and the PSU w/ reply bracket
for 400mb ATA HD along w/ MCA IDE original HD in that thing. UGH.
That bracket looks poorly made that ATA HD sat bit higher and at an
angle. That means u have to force the case on to seat right.

FYI: that 55SX owner is heavy smoker. BLEECH!


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