Mac SE

From: Chris <>
Date: Thu Jan 17 15:03:38 2002

>I have a Mac SE that while attempting to remove the motherboard to replace
>bad memory, I smacked my hand into the CRT filament/plates socket, and
>cracked the CRT.

How hard did you hit the thing?!? (let me guess, pulling the power cable
off the mobo, it was stuck, and you pulled a little too hard to free it)

>1) Does anyone have a CRT for it that I could get for less than the price
>of another SE + shipping?

Check the LEM swap list (, you can probably find an SE
for free (plus shipping).

If you had two forevers to wait, someplace I have two SEs with fried
motherboards, and would happily part with one... but I admit that it will
be some time before I get the chance to search for them (they are in one
of 3 locations, and I don't know WHICH of the SEs at those locations are
the ones that are dead).

>2) Is it possible to modify it to use a standard Mac (15 pin) monitor?

I don't think so, but there are some 3rd party external video cards for
the SE... but I suspect you will need to get it up and running before you
can activate the external video card. Does it currently even power up?


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