VAXstation newbie

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Mon Jan 21 05:44:31 2002

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> Hi Al,
> I highly doubt you can get the software on floppies, but I'm usually
> proved wrong, so best of luck. CD is the way to go but not all 3100's
> had SCSI as standard ( at least as an external option. Apart fromthat
> you're probably looking at TK tape. Versions varied, long production
> run, but the most usual was a 5.5, usually rev 2 or better.

ISTR No VMS distro was available on floppy, the only VMS floppies I can
remember were boot disks for MicroVMS round V4.x. Also, all 3100s have SCSI
as standard, the only differences were the type of SCSI connector that was
presented externally. Older machines had the female HD68 connector......

CDs were available for 5.4-2 and above I believe; I'm pretty sure I've got
most versions from then upwards.

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