VAXstation newbie

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Jan 22 11:17:40 2002

--- Adrian Graham <> wrote:
> ISTR No VMS distro was available on floppy, the only VMS floppies I can
> remember were boot disks for MicroVMS round V4.x.

I have VMS 5.0 on RX50 diskettes. We had a MicroVAX-I that we bought
new at work ($10,000) and another that we bought shortly thereafter and
upgraded to a MicroVAX-II ($17,000 for hardware and VMS license upgrade).
We continued to receive MicroVMS and VMS distributions on floppy until
some point after 5.0, when DEC switched us to TK50 (good thing, too... the
RX50 distro is a wad of disks).


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