ASUS ISA-486SI Motherboard BIOS

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Jan 21 16:06:25 2002

On Jan 21, 12:17, David C. Jenner wrote:

> I have an ASUS ISA-486SI motherboard, Copyright 1992.
> I have the manual for it. The manual does NOT describe
> any sort of BIOS upgrade, such as reflashing it, like later
> boards in my collection do.

I've not seen any 486 of that era with flash. More likely a PROM.

> The BIOS is not
> Y2K compliant. It appears to work OK when I set the
> current date/time, and when I turn it OFF/ON, it retains
> the current date >2000 without problem.

Is that a typo? If you can set dates after 1999 and it retains them, and
gets leap years correct, what's the problem? My 1993 Phoenix BIOS (EPROM,
not flash) is fine, for example.

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