ASUS ISA-486SI Motherboard BIOS

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Date: Mon Jan 21 12:38:32 2002

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> I think this just makes the "10 year rule".

Yes that does! Because we're selling Asus in 386 and later era back
then, yours was much earlier than '93 era. Is yours is baby
AT, note retangular not square kind? That's very early Asus board.
> I have an ASUS ISA-486SI motherboard, Copyright 1992.
> I have the manual for it. The manual does NOT describe
> any sort of BIOS upgrade, such as reflashing it, like later
> boards in my collection do. All the ASUS Web sites and a
> Google search reveal no BIOS upgrading information.

That bios is EPROM, you can find late version on asus's ftp
archives and have someone blow 27512 eprom with that data. Needs
blank eprom, raid one (that one w/ round window, peel labels to
check,) from junk board and erase it. The person who have the eprom
burner also have the UV eraser for that task.

> Was this too early for BIOS reflashing? The BIOS is not
> Y2K compliant. It appears to work OK when I set the
> current date/time, and when I turn it OFF/ON, it retains
> the current date >2000 without problem.

I think this bios still works after 2001 after you manually input it
if the CMOS data got lost.

> Anyone have any experience with this motherboard? It was
> my original 486 back in 1992, but I haven't used it for
> over two years.

Utter reliable and most compatiable all I can say about it.

VL/I-486SV2G4 and it's similar board w/ ISA only has Y2K roll over
automatically and supports LBA. Heck, point is moot because we're
post Y2K but these bios by Asus handles these leap years properly.

> Dave


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