OT? Apple Stylewriter problems (update)

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> > ..."heater?" IIRC, Pete said these transistors work up to 100 MHz and they
> > are being used to drive *heaters?* Does that mean the other 17 or so
> Sorry, I am so used to HP thermal inkjets that I forgot that other makes
> don't work by heating up the ink...
> Forget about 'heaters', and replace with whatever sort of actuator the
> printhead acutally uses...

Canon and HP based on rapid pulse of heat per dot to "flash-boil" the
alcohol-ink mixture, resulting exploding bubble forces ink thru that
pinhole for a drop of ink onto paper. Epson use piezo to "whack"
liquid ink out.

Canon and HP "heaters" as Tony referred to are in cartridges. Epson
printhead is fixed to the carriage and fed by removeable tanks.


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