Need manual URL/hardcopy for HP Netserver LX Pro 6/200 serve

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Date: Mon Jan 21 13:39:35 2002

> Sweet! What OS are you going to run? I've got a Quad PPro200 system myself
> that I've been meaning to get up and running. I believe it currently has
> NT4 installed, and I've been threatening to load Solaris 7 or 8 on it.
> First though I want to disconnect the drive arrays so it sucks up less
> power, besides I've been raiding it for drives for other, better systems.
> Zane

FYI: 4 Pros 200MHz, (could be 256K or 512K), est: 40W each. Times
four, 160W at full blast.

Raided HD in bunch of 4 or 5 is NOTHING in watt output if these
drives is about 12W each.

BTW, PPro is granddaddy of PII and PIII. :-)



PS: Still not conviced that PPro is "worthy" CPUs. I view it as
"bastard child" of PII, celeron is even worse.
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