Sea Container Spelunking (Terminal Junkie Part Two)

From: Paul Williams <>
Date: Tue Jan 22 11:41:23 2002

Christopher Smith wrote:
> Ok, I have an ADM-5 with one of these "Retrographics" add-ons. Can
> anybody tell me what they do?

The Retrographics card adds Tektronix graphics capability to the text
terminal it is fitted to. It fits between the serial port and the
terminal's main board and intercepts incoming characters. It will
normally pass incoming characters straight to the main board, but when
it sees the Tektronix start code, it will start processing the incoming
characters as graphics commands and updating its own video RAM. The
video output of this card and the main board are overlaid.

Try testing your card by typing:

Ctrl-] to enter Vector Mode.

space ` space _at_ [initialize to (0,0)]
  8 k space _at_ [draw to (0,779)]
  8 k ? RUB [draw to (1023,779)]
space ` ? RUB [draw to (1023,0)]
space ` space _at_ [draw to (0,0)]
  8 k ? RUB [draw to (1023,779)]
space ` ? RUB [draw to (1023, 0)]
  8 k space _at_ [draw to (0,779)]

This should draw a rectangle with diagonals.

- Paul
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