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From: Rich Beaudry <r_beaudry_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Tue Jan 22 21:13:33 2002

Yes, it's cleanout time again... Some of it is off-topic (not classic
enough), so bear with it :-)

I will take bids on these items until Thursday midnight, to give
international and digest users time to jump in. High bid gets it, and
$0.00, as usual, is a valid bid. In the case of multiple winners, I will
draw names out of a hat, utilizing the state of the art in Apple II
randomizing software :-)

Shipping will be from Westminster, MA, USA (ZIP code 01473). Domestic
bidders can choose from USPS Priority Mail, Parcel Post, or Media Mail.
International items will be shipped Surface Mail, Air Mail, or Global
Priority Mail, at bidders discretion.

Hardware was working when pulled, but some have not been tested in a long
time, so it is sold as-is...

Email me any questions if you have them...

- Morrow ThinkerToys S-100 Synchrofresh VIII Econoram III -- 16 RM1701G-20
chips, D/C 76 and 78 with manual
- Dynabyte S-100 Dual Density Floppy Disk Controller -- two board set,
Interface board only has 5.25" connector installed (space for 8" cable has
no connector). With manual (copy), no cables (needs 50-pin between two
- Tatrbell S-100 CPU/IO Board 3033 (Z-80) with manual (copy)
- Problem Solver Systems S-100 PSS RAM16 Static RAM Board -- With copy of
manual, all sockets/regulators/caps, but no chips installed
- Vector 8803 BARE S-100 motherboard -- No docs, no sockets, board only
- Tandem TCL2M RS232 to Current Loop converter -- Looks like a gender
changer, male RS232, female current loop, 25 pins each
- Black Box 232/CL-E RS232 to Current Loop adapter -- modem-sized box
- Apple Macintosh HyperCard User's Guide, 1988
- Apple Macintosh HyperTalk Beginner's Guide: An Introduction to Scripting,
- IBM Guide to Operations, Personal Computer XT Model 286 -- with diskette
- TI TMS990 Microcomputer System Programming Card (tri-fold, approx 6" x 3"
- TI TMS9900 Microprocessor Data Manual, August 1978
- Digital Research CP/M 2.2 manuals -- User's Guide, Intro to CP/M Features
and Facilities, ASM User's Guide, ED User's Manual, DDT User's Guide,
Interface Guide, Alteration Guide
- Tektronix 834 Programmable Data Communications Tester manual
- Oracle JDeveloper 3 Handbook, published 2001
- JSP: Java Server Pages, published 2001
- Reply DOS-on-Power-Mac Dos compatible card for Power Mac and Performa
52XX, 53XX, 62XX, 63XX computers. W/ manual, setup floppies, DOS 6.22
floppies, Win 95 CD, cables -- NOTE: REQUIRES a PDS slot. My Performa 6360
has a PCI slot, and not a PDS...
- Ithaca Intersystems "User Manual" binder -- System Overview, Digital
Research CP/M manuals, Interpak Utilities User Manual, Intersystems Policies
- Ithaca Intersystems "Hardware Manual" binder -- Ithaca 800 Hardware
Overview, XPU-80 manual, 64KDR (64K DRAM) manual w/ schematic, FDC-2 Double
Density Floppy Controller manual w/ schematic, 6SIO Serial I/O manual w/
schematic, DPS Front Panel manual w/ schematic and assembly drawing
- ZDS Z-150 backplane -- 85-2964-1 -- 8-bit ISA 8 slot backplane
- ZDS Z-150 Video Board -- 85-2945-1
- ZDS Z-150 Memory Board -- 85-2891-1
- ZDS Z-150 Disk Controller Board -- 85-2890-1
- ZDS Z-150 CPU Board -- 85-2889-1
- Heath/ZDS MS-DOS Version 3, Volume II (command summaries and descriptions)
- Heath/ZDS Computer Innovations, Inc. Optimizing C86 Compiler manual
- Heath Company Service Publications and Training (05/1984) schematics:
H-150 CPU Board (5 pages), H-150 Memory Board (3 pages), H-150 Floppy
Controller (4 pages), Z-309/Z-309A Color Video Board (6 pages), H-150
Keyboard (1 page), H-150 Backplane (1 page)
- Heath/ZDS Microsoft Word 1.10 manual
- Heath/ZDS Z-100 PC Series Service Manual Volume 2 -- Chapters on System
CPU card, Z-160 Base Unit, Video Deflection/Driver Boards, Winchester
System, Z-309 Video Card, Video Board Schematics, Floppy Disk Controller
- Heath/ZDS Z-DOS, Volume 2 manual -- MACRO-86, LINK, LIB, CREF, Appendices
(Error Messages, MACRO-86 Errors, LINK Errors, LIB Errors, CREF Errors,
Memory Test Utility, Single Disk Users Instructions, Directory Structures
and FCB Definition, Interrupts Function Calls and Entry Points, System
Structure and Memory Maps, MACRO-86 Directives, 8088 Instructions, Notes on
Writing Z-DOS Programs, Procedure to Change Disk Parameters
- Heath/ZDS Condor File Management System manual
- ZDS Z-150 Technical Training manual (photocopy) -- TT-15, plus various
- Intersil MCB-512K Multibus I Memory Card w/ manual
- Intel 215 Multibus I Winchester Disk Controller, w/ PSBX 218A and PSBX
217C daughtercards
- National Semiconductor BLC-80/10 Multibus I CPU card, NS8080AD
gold/ceramic, 3 2708 EPROMS w/ SBC-80P Prototyping Package. Includes
manuals for SBC-80P (w/ listing!), and SBC-80/10 hardare manual (Intel
version of this board -- includes schematics).
- Intel 534 Communications Expansion board -- Multibus I, with manual
- Intel SBC-80/05 Multibus I CPU Card -- missing EPROMS, and RS-232
driver/receiver pair (socketed, easy to replace)
- Plessey PSM512 Multibus I memory card, w/ manual
- Micro Industries BLC-508 I/O Expansion board -- Multibus I
- Qty. 3 Multibus I Bus Extender Cards, various manufacturers
- Qty. 2 Prototek Multibus I prototyping cards
- Zendex ZX-907 Multibus I Bus Tracer card, w/ manual (includes monitor
listing and schematics), Zendex product catalog (1982), marketing brochure,
warranty registration card, welcome letter, set of "D" sized schematics, and
a "C" sized block diagram.

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