OT? Yahoo Free Listing Day

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblakeman_at_kih.net>
Date: Tue Jan 22 17:20:34 2002

I've pulled a lot of what I used to post on ebay as well, trying a few on
Bidbay to see how that is working out. It works pretty good still for the
buyers though, especially online payment (except in cases where the seller
immerses their sky-high "shipping" rate)

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Russ Blakeman wrote:
> But the problem with Yahoo is that hardly anyone sells there (in
> and that stooooopid auto-continue feature they run has made me and many
> others pull totally out of Yahoo auctions. Everytime I check for just
> anything on ebay I find a deal, on Yahoo I've found one or two things and
> then when I had sniped the auction it continued for 10 more minutes-
> BS.

My understanding is that that auto-extend "feature" is optional; I too
just would not bid on auctions that used it. My understanding is that
the sell rate on Ebay is around 40% and the sell rate on Yahoo is closer
to 10%. Just depends on the type of buyers!

> ebay starts charging for buy-it-now...a whopping nickel for each item. I
> know, 2000 buy-it-now items equals mucho dinero for ebay.

The price increase actually is pretty substantial, in some cases
approaching 100% (dutch auctions for example.) And raising the fees with
the economy in a recession and after record profits to my mind indicates
a greedy company not worth supporting. And with all the new "features"
in place to make it harder to use the site, I don't plan on listing or
buying there anywhere near what I had planned. Take a look at:


for more information on Ebay problems as well as alternatives.
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