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From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Wed Jan 23 09:19:16 2002

> Blame it on the yuppie farmers, who like an old 8N or 9N
> for puttering around the farm. I've just about out-grown my 8N.
> It's not heavy enough for snowplowing, overheats when I need
> to do lots of mowing in the late summer, and doesn't have
> enough hydraulics for a nice lift-bucket.

Eghads, tractor discussions... You did replace the oil and scrape out the
gunk from the air filter (actually its just a can with oil that the air
sort of bubbles through if i recall correctly). And had someone blow out
the radiator if it looks partially clogged? A 8N overheating, that just
doesnt happen. I remember plowing 20 acres full of weeds, and the old
8N started overheating after several days. Thats when I learned about
that oil filter, never saw so much oily pollen gunk...

-Lawrence LeMay
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