OT? Yahoo Free Listing Day

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblakeman_at_kih.net>
Date: Wed Jan 23 12:05:12 2002

It is pretty weird to have computer nerds talking about tractors, like Eddie
Arnold on Green Acres I'd say. I believe that's the reason most of us can
keep the old computer iron going as we're not the underweight skinny dweebs
that know programming but when machine is older they throw it out. It takes
someone diverse in mechanics, electronics, shop trades, etc to kep this old
stuff going, just like you need to keep an old machine going (truck, car,
tractor, etc).

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> Blame it on the yuppie farmers, who like an old 8N or 9N
> for puttering around the farm. I've just about out-grown my 8N.
> It's not heavy enough for snowplowing, overheats when I need
> to do lots of mowing in the late summer, and doesn't have
> enough hydraulics for a nice lift-bucket.

Eghads, tractor discussions... You did replace the oil and scrape out the
gunk from the air filter (actually its just a can with oil that the air
sort of bubbles through if i recall correctly). And had someone blow out
the radiator if it looks partially clogged? A 8N overheating, that just
doesnt happen. I remember plowing 20 acres full of weeds, and the old
8N started overheating after several days. Thats when I learned about
that oil filter, never saw so much oily pollen gunk...

-Lawrence LeMay
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