Resolved? HP 9000 800/G40 console cable

From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Wed Jan 23 12:02:19 2002

I've found what I _think_ is the proper cable for this machine. These bits of info were buried somewhere in the HP web site. I unfortunately don't have the attributions (you can find them right now with a google search), but the general idea is:


The HP part number for the cable is A1703-63003 and the price is $43 US dollars.

This info was found at

which is the home page for HP partsurfer, an application that allows toy to
identify and order parts for many HP machines.


Pinout for standard console _cable_ (A1703-63003) is:


    DIN 25pin
    2__1 3.____.2
    6||5 4.____.3
      | 1.____.7


These were both posted in reply to a question about a different machine -- "F" class I think -- but I have checked HP's "partsurfer" site, and the cable is, indeed, used on the "G" class as well.

I have contacted two resellers to see whether I can get it at a reasonable (read: not $46) price. Otherwise I will try to build it.



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