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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Wed Jan 23 13:01:29 2002

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> There're a lot of different connectors that get used for composite
> monitors. For school use, they want one that can withstand
> some abuse,
> and will stay on. (When somebody trips over the cord, it
> should be strong
> enough to pull the entire machine off of the table.)

Heh. That was my first guess too -- but I've never seen this particular thing used on a composite video signal before. (Well, maybe the L+sync used on b&w monitors...)

My assumption will be (until I can check it out) that these are simply split off of the original apple RCA plug on the mainboard, and carry the same signal. (I hope this is the case, since it would be a simple matter of fabricating an adaptor (for which I may have the parts...).

> an unusual connector, with a hollow cylindrical plug a few
> inches long,
> with a pin in the center. I had to check out a cable each

Got pictures of this thing?

> time to use it,
> until Electronics Etc (R.I.P.) came up with an adapter of that plug to
> BNC.
> OB_CC: My TRS-80 model 1 was quite happy sending signal to
> half a dozen
> giant overhead monitors.

I don't see why it wouldn't be.



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