Bell & Howell Apple II update

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Jan 23 14:00:55 2002

>(When somebody trips over the cord, it should be strong
>enough to pull the entire machine off of the table.)

I always loved this logic. Lets build the cable really strong, so that
when someone trips on it... we save the $15 cable, but yank the $5000
computer onto the floor breaking it instead.

Although, I also understand the flip side... it isn't that the cable is
designed to withstand abuse, so much as designed to not fall out easily
during standard use (thus rational why all the electric cords for my fire
trucks use twist lock... even if it means it will knock over a $3000
light tower rather than unplug itself... the last thing you need at an
emergency scene is cords randomly unplugging themselves... and the last
thing a school tech person wants to deal with is 100 calls a week because
the RCA plug fell out again, and the untrained teachers don't know enough
to plug it back in... and things like BNC are used on pro level AV
equipment for the same reason, so cables aren't always falling out when
something is shifted around)


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