Bell & Howell Apple II update

From: Chris <>
Date: Wed Jan 23 14:04:45 2002

>Heh. That was my first guess too -- but I've never seen this particular
>thing used on a composite video signal before. (Well, maybe the L+sync
>used on b&w monitors...)

I have a couple of JVC monitors with BNC composite video connectors.
These are the monitors salvaged from a video editing suite... I actually
saw BNC used for composite video on a fairly regular basis in the TV
studios (I think I saw that more often then seeing RCA connectors)

>My assumption will be (until I can check it out) that these are simply
>split off of the original apple RCA plug on the mainboard, and carry the
>same signal. (I hope this is the case, since it would be a simple matter
>of fabricating an adaptor (for which I may have the parts...).

You can buy a BNC to RCA adaptor from places like Radio Shack (or even a
BNC to RCA cable... although I am not sure Rat Shack stocks those
anymore... might be special order). Or, like you say, it is fairly
trivial to build a custom BNC to RCA cable.


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