Apple II boards

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Date: Wed Jan 23 14:21:27 2002

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> Hi everybody,
> I have three more Apple questions
> Given that I'm going to be repairing that Apple II Plus soon, I find myself
wondering what is the maximum amount of ram that the machine can address?
Take a look at the available data on the 6502 CPU. That will answer some of
the questions you'll encounter. The Apple DOS manual is another thing you'll
need. It explains almost anything you might wonder about, save the function
of some third-party boards.
> I also wonder whether it would be remotely possible to "upgrade" it with the
old IIGS memory board that I swapped out of my GS a while back ;) (Probably
no such luck there...)
A lot depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you want an "authentic"
Apple-][+, you certainly want to stick with the original memory. The ][+ uses
the entire addressable memory space, though it can utilize an additional
memory space (mapped on top of other resources) in the form of that 16K add-on
board used as the "language" card, IIRC, and necessary to run CP/M with the
aid of the Z80 board.
> Last, but not least, what are some recommended boards/peripherals for the
Apple II Plus? What about the IIe? (Yep, got one of those too -- I'm sure
this one really _is_ a IIe, and I'd be especially interested in knowing about
the IIGS upgrade) What about the IIGS?

If you're patient, I'm going to be disposing of the considerable assortment of
Apple boards I have lying about, including a couple of II+'s and a IIe. The
only things I'm likely to keep will be the PSU's. It might be well for you to
learn about the Apple-][+ before running out to get various add-on's, so you
get the "right" stuff as opposed to a wierd assortment of junk.
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