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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 00:47:28 2002

 I guess you don't follow Epay very much. Since the A-2s have started to
become scarce, II+'s have become a rising commodity. I'd be only very
happy to take any you get for that price off your hands and give you double
that. A black Bell and Howell would fetch well over a $100 even with the
downturn in the economy.


> Thats starting to sound a bit like white-coat syndrome. These computers
> are not rare artifacts to be hidden away behind glass walls, only to be
> touched by the neophites in white lab coats, you know. Go ahead and
> experiment, heck throw the completely wrong hardware in and cause a
> major short circuit! And in so doing, know that you can always get another
> apple ][+ or 3 for about $5 (if not for free, heaven knows i keep getting
> offered the things...)
> Cmon, what could possibly be less valuable than an Apple ][+? A C64 perhaps...
> -Lawrence LeMay

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