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<< Well, as with any other system, once you know about the "vanilla" system,
> can easily decide for yourself what additional hardware you need. The way
> make sure you never get it right is to run out and snag everything that
> "neat" without first knowing, absolutely, what the consequence of
> to use it will be.
> Dick
 Thats starting to sound a bit like white-coat syndrome. These computers
 are not rare artifacts to be hidden away behind glass walls, only to be
 touched by the neophites in white lab coats, you know. Go ahead and
 experiment, heck throw the completely wrong hardware in and cause a
 major short circuit! And in so doing, know that you can always get another
 apple ][+ or 3 for about $5 (if not for free, heaven knows i keep getting
 offered the things...)
 Cmon, what could possibly be less valuable than an Apple ][+? A C64

just because they are plentiful in /some/ places doesnt mean you should just
abuse them for fun. Around here, I havent seen any apple // items available
for years.

old computers, old cars and sundry items
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