Bell & Howell Apple II update

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 12:09:18 2002

Well, I don't know what sort of equipment you were dealing with, but it was
well into the '80's before I ever saw a piece of NTSC video equipment with BNC
connectors on it.

Those BNC's were generally used for 50-ohm equipment and not used with 75 ohm
video gear. BNC's were all over the EE labs, but not on the video
distribution amplifiers I occasionally saw.

I didn't work in the video industry, John, but I did work with computers all
the while. Monitors of the time, at least of the NTSC-compatible type, were
typically equipped with PL-259 connectors on the rear. The only video
monitors I encountered with BNC connectors on them were the high-frequency,
then-mono, types, from Motorola, intended for use as "page" monitors.

I suppose there may have been BNC's on high-end fixed-frequency displays, even
then, but the NTSC gear in the old catalogs, etc, that I've become accustomed
to seeing over the years have always used the PL-259's until the 'F' types
became more common. Those were the same ones that were on the antenna and
not-too-common set-top equipment I first saw in the late '70's, and also what
was in use on every monitor in the various lecture rooms at the Colorado
School of Mines, Denver University, and Colorado University that I ever saw
back then.

By the time consumer video equipment became popular, the PL-259, which was
also common in the '70's for other 75-ohm applications e.g. antennas and the
like, had been replaced by the 'F' types in video hookups, since those were
MUCH cheaper.


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> > Actually, back in the Apple][ days, the BNC was not commonly
> > used for video and particularly not for NTSC video.
> Oops.
> Our school inherited the cast-off ABC news equipment
> from the 1960's and it was mix-n-match by function or by
> manufacturer and 99% of Everything was BNC.
> Too far, Dick.
> John A.
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