LEAST valuable collectibles (was: Apple II boards

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Thu Jan 24 12:15:52 2002

Careful now! ... Current printers won't work properly with any of the pre-ECP
computers of the '70's, will they? Once IBM started fiddling with the Epson
version of the Centronics interface, the "old" types were orphaned. My old
Ampro won't even talk to a current (post-1985) "Centronics" printer since it
doesn't support all the signals that those guys expected to see. I had to
disconnect several lines in a cable just to get a late-'80's printer to work
at all with the old Ampro Little Board.

Current generation monitors won't work with the old NTSC-compatible computers
either. You have to have the old-style NTSC monitor, or a TV with a video
input. Those old LEEDEX or BALL monitors are really scarce these days. If
you want an authentic or even authentic-looking system, you've got to have the
right sort of monitor.


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> Lawrence LeMay said:
> > Cmon, what could possibly be less valuable than an Apple ][+? A C64
> > perhaps...
> monitors!
> non-current printers
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