IBM 3101 Dip Switches Configuration

From: SP <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 16:26:08 2002

Hello. I have one IBM 3101 ascii terminal ready to be used
connected with one serial cable to one Linux system that
I have by the serial port 2. The inittab has uncommented the
line referred to the ttyS1, and appears to be correct because
one "ps -ef" shows the "/sbin/agetty ttyS1" line with the "[login]"

The problem is that the IBM 3101 don't establish communication
with the Linux system. The 3101 show one "Line Check 2" message
that talk about the comm.line, I suppose. The cable used is one
normal serial cable.

The 3101 has some dip switches in the upper of the keyboard.
If they are taked, the Line Check 2 message dissapears and
the screen is filled with "?" signs continuously. It's clear that
some options can be configured with this method.

Somebody has some more deep info about this terminal ?
Must I use one special serial cable ?

Thanks and Greetings

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