IBM 3101 Dip Switches Configuration

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 17:40:52 2002

On January 24, Doc wrote:
> > The problem is that the IBM 3101 don't establish communication
> > with the Linux system. The 3101 show one "Line Check 2" message
> > that talk about the comm.line, I suppose. The cable used is one
> > normal serial cable.
> If by "normal serial cable" you mean a standard port-to-modem cable,
> that is most likely your problem. You need to use a null-modem serial
> cable with a terminal.

  That depends *completely* on the terminal. Several even have both
DTE- and DCE-wired connectors.

  My standard rule for dealing with an RS232 in-yer-face is to plug it
in without a null modem and see if it works...if it doesn't, then plug
in a null modem.


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