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From: Cameron Kaiser <spectre_at_stockholm.ptloma.edu>
Date: Fri Jan 25 00:27:50 2002

> > I myself find my 1902's image inferior to the picture I got from the trusty
> > 1702. These 1702s are becoming so popular because of their good quality and
> > reliability (if it's physically intact, it's virtually guaranteed to work)
> > that I'm seeing some ridiculous prices on them. People grab them for old
> > game consoles, too.

> I seem to remember the 1902 and the Amiga 1080 were the same monitor,
> but I could be wrong. The 1702 was a JVC monitor with commodore's name
> on it.

As a matter of fact, the 1701 and 1702 are JVC TM-13Us, if memory serves.
I've seen them in use at the medical school.

> You might be getting a weary, or gassy CRT, that would explain why it is
> bleary. AFAIK they shuld be pretty much equivalent in visual
> performance.

Not so much indistinct as the 1702's picture is more vivid. (No, I don't
think it's a matter of having the tint control too low :-)

For my money, the 1084 is the same way, but many people swear by them. I
like them better than the 1902 series, but I still prefer the 1702.

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