AT&T hardware

From: Pat Finnegan <>
Date: Thu Jan 24 22:37:16 2002

Yah, that's what I've gathered so far. It's based off of a 386SX and the
'SNA' terminal cards have a 186 processor connected to some sort of UART.
Its hard drive is SCSI and has a pair of 5-1/4" half-height floppy drives.
It runs through the diagnostic OK (with the exception that it can't use
the hard disk), and I was hoping to try and do *something* interesting
with it. Anyways, it's taking up space in my room and looking pretty for

At some point, I plan on dumping its ROMs and perhaps reverse-engineering
it a bit so I can figure out what I *can* still do with it.

-- Pat

On Thu, 24 Jan 2002, Will Jennings wrote:

> Pat,
> Unless you have a need to control a bunch of 3270-emulating terminals, a
> 6544 isn't a terrible useful thing to have. It's basically a non-IBM version
> of a 3174, etc., which is a unit used to hook up many terminals to your
> 3270-protocol host computer, be it mainframe or minicomputer. I don't know
> what terminals the thing is meant for, since it beats me if AT&T's terminals
> support 3270, but they probably do, though I'd imagine it doesn't use coax..
> Which, if that is true, might limit you to using AT&T terminals with it,
> which is kinda crappy.. Hope that helps some
> Will J
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