RT 6150 Lives! (Long!)

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Date: Fri Jan 25 20:17:16 2002

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<< On January 25, Doc Shipley wrote:
> There are numerous refernces to the use of IDE drives in the RT
> newsgroup. Although AIX actually will install in 70MB, it leaves little
> room to play in. Plus, that one E70 alone was warming my house and
> whining loudly enough to make my cats cry.
   Oh wow...I didn't know you could do that. I have a 6150 here (from
 BSD Bob) that I'd love to stick some more disk in. I will have to
 investigate this further. :)
> I've been offered a copy of 4.4BSD/Romp for it, which I may try out.
> I'd like to try AOS, but I can't find the full distribution, just the
> tools, updates, and diagnostic utilities.
   I'm running 4.4BSD on mine. It's a really neat machine. I just got
 a megapel board for it (thanks Gordon!) and now I need to find a tube
 and a mouse. >>

Mine runs AIX 2.2.1, but just in mono and I need a 6157 controller card so I
can use my tape drive. I think my RT has a 286 development board in it and I
have the software to run it still wrapped up. I might have to power it up and
see what i've been missing.

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