Bell & Howell Apple II update

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 21:37:34 2002

Yes, that's the monitor, though the ones I remember were branded Sanyo, and
I've got one of 'em, still.

These were probably the most common and most widely used closed-circuit
monitors for small security systems and the like, and they did/do have that
SO259 connector on the back. There were, of course, adapters form that to the
BNC, and I used 'em when I had 75-ohm BNC-terminated cable, but most of what I
found back then, from buildings being torn down, etc, was the PL259-terminated
stuff, and that wasn't what you'd call "old" but it was being left in place,
as were the old DEC machines and teletype hardware. I got one old teletype
CRT complete with a "band" printer and one of the then (1979)-fancy Bell 212
modems from a building being torn down. I couldn't haul off the several
PDP-whatevers that were present the night before demolition, else I'd have
snagged 'em.


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> >
> > I suppose the distinction is that in the microcomputer market, at least at
> > time of the Apple ][+, the PL259 connector was commonly used on what
> > could afford to buy to go with their budget microcomputer. The most
> Quite likely...
> > monitor I remember seeing in use, and often as part of a display in the
> > computer store, was the 9" (?) Sanyo "security" monitor that was about the
> > same height as two of the Apple disk drives, one atop the other. That
> This sounds a little like the common Apple monitor in the UK. It had a 9"
> CRT (although there is also a 12" model) and looked like a grey metal
> cube with a black plastic front panel. IIRC the user controls were a
> rocker switch for power, then knobs for brightness, contrast, vhold and
> hhold.
> The video input was, indeed, a pair of (parallel-connected) SO239s
> (socket for the PL259 plug, aka 'UHF plug') with a termination switch to
> connect a 75 ohm resistor across the input.
> It was made bu Hitachi. I am certain about this as I found the
> instruction sheet and schematic for it the other day.
> -tony
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