Bell & Howell Apple II update

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Fri Jan 25 21:45:57 2002

What meant by that was that the PC didn't put out standard NTSC (interlaced)
video but something considerably less than that. IIRC, the Amiga was capable
of interlaced display. Consequently, they were frequently used for titling
"educational" (read limited-budget) productions, which is often quite obvious.
The PC didn't support the functions necessary for such titling, though I
suppose one could have written a smooth-scrolling utility easily enough.
Summing the titles with an external video stream was not on the menu for PC's,


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> > What do you mean here, Ben? The PC didn't use a TV for output, and the
> Didn't it? That's news to me...
Nope ... it required additional (3rd-party) hardware for that ...
> The original CGA card has a composite NTSC output on an RCA phono socket.
> It also has a 4 pin header plug inside that was designed to connect to an
> RF modulator to get TV output.
> IIRC the CGA monitor (5153) came out rather later than the PC or CGA
> card, and the original intention was that some users _would_ use a normal
> TV and moulator with this card.
Since I didn't jump on the PC bandwagon right away, I'm not sure what the
original package was, but my original (Aug '81) PC technical reference
includes schematics for the CGA monitor and adapter but mentions nothing about
an RF modulator. I'd be surprised to learn there wasn't such a thing in the
mill, though.
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