Wanted: manual for Toshiba T4800CT docking station

From: Fred deBros <fdebros_at_verizon.net>
Date: Sat Jan 26 16:29:48 2002

U don't need a manual!
There are two isa bays
One could fit a ide board for a second hdd or what I have a scsi board
for the scsi cd
The other goodies in it are a bigger videomemory for 800x600 display

To open, all u need is the two screws right hand side in the
back....slide out the left side panel so u gget access to the bay. Not
muck with the key.
Pop the fdd bezel unless u want a second hdd in there

U can also have a second ide cdrom in there, just remember to set the
jumpers so as to disable the first ide port! Ur bios on the t4800 should
be 5.0 for sure.

As to scsi setups, I haven't been able to recognize all scssis on all my
t46-49x'es....i be darned if someone can help me out there, but the
regular win98 bootdisk doesn't recognize my scsi cdroms....suse linux


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Subject: Wanted: manual for Toshiba T4800CT docking station

Hi. I'm wondering if anyone has any documentation for the docking
station for a Toshiba T4800CT laptop. I'm embarassed to admit that I
can't even figure out how to access the drive bay on the station.

For those of you with extensive collections (or access to extensive
documentation libraries), the part number for the docking station is
PA2701U, and it's called a "Desk Station IV."

Thanks in advance.

PB Schechter
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