SOL video monitor

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Jan 26 16:30:49 2002

> > > Does anybody recall what model Panasonic TV was shown in the
>> > SOL catalog for use as a video monitor?
>> I assume you are already familiar with the text from the catalog:
>> "Here's an 11" diagonal completely solid state
>> black and white television specially modified for
>'Completely solid state'? What, no CRT? At that date I am seriously
>impressed.... But I guess not.

        It does include a CRT but touts that it is 'Solid State' on
the face of the TV much the same way Zenith used to use the same
thing as a marketing tool with it's TV's. The Panasonic TV I have
with my SOL was produced in November 1977 and prominently displays
'Solid State' on the faceplate.

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