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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sat Jan 26 22:42:10 2002

--- Jack Noble <> wrote:

I wouldn't mind finding some of that - and _I'm_ in Ohio! I used a
C3 owned by a family friend around 1978, give or take a year. At
one point, I had a C4P mainboard, but I gave it to Hans Franke when
I visited him a couple of years ago.

The C3 was kinda cool - my experience up to that point was PETs and
TRS-80s, etc. It was wild to see a box with multiple CPUs that you
selected depending on what you were going to do. One was a 6502,
and I expect one of the others was either an 8080 or Z80, but I never
did get to see under the hood.


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